Tax Shelters Articles

2022.03.04 ... Superseding Indictment In Conservation Easement Shelter Case Reveals Bogus Property Valuations

2021.07.26 ... The Case Of Ernie Ryder And When Tax Shelter Promoters Drink Their Own Koolaid

2021.05.28 ... Swiss Life Companies Enter Into Deferred Prosecution Arrangement For Abusive Private Placement Life Insurance Policies

2020.12.24 ... Accountants In Syndicated Conservation Easement Shelter Plead Guilty

2020.08.26 ... Syndicated Conservation Easement Tax Shelters Slammed By U.S. Senate Finance Report

2020.03.28 ... Alleged Syndicated Conservation Easement Tax Shelter Promoters Face Class-Action Lawsuit

2019.11.21 ... Swiss Private Placement Life Insurance Policy ( PPLI ) Results In Conviction Of Blandi For Tax Evasion

2019.04.29 ... Mike Meyer's 'Ultimate Tax Plan' Involving Charitable LLCs And LPs Hit With DOJ Permanent Injunction

2019.03.24 ... Tax And Asset Protection Huckster Causes Big Problems For Taxpayer In Burbach

2018.12.20 ... DOJ Sues To Shut Down Syndicated Conservation Easement Tax Shelter Promoters

2017.09.24 ... DOJ Investigating Offshore Life Insurance Companies For Selling Abusive PPLI Policies

2016.12.27 ... The IRS Leaves A Lump Of Coal For Syndicated Conservation Easements In Notice 2017-10

2016.12.06 ... Tax Zapper John Yin Gets Zapped By DOJ

2015.11.30 ... Ghosts Of Tax Shelters Past And The Return Of The Listed Transactions

2014.05.16 ... SwissPartner’s Offshore Life Insurance Deal Finally Falls To Earth

2013.11.24 ... Identical Twins: The LLC-2 Tax Shelter Takes Over Where the SC-2 Tax Shelter Left Off

2013.02.27 ... Nevada Corporation Solely Owned By California Resident Dodges California Taxes

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