Captive Insurance Appearances

2019.01.24 ... LISI Webinar ... Jay Adkisson presented the State of the Union re 831(b) Captive Insurance Companies for Leimberg Information Systems.

2016.12.1 ... Columbus, OH ... Jay Adkisson presented "Captive Insurance Companies" at the Fourth Annual Ohio Asset Protection Institute.

2017.09.20 ... Phoenix ... Jay Adkisson presented "Captive Insurance Update" to the Arizona Captive Insurance Companies Association.

2015.12.18 ... ABA Webinar ... Panelist for the webinar "Congressional Changes to Tax Code Section 831(b)", sponsored by the ABA Committee on Captive Insurance.

2015.11.18 ... Phoenix, AZ ... Presented "Captive Insurance Hot Issues" to the Arizona Captive Insurance Companies Association.

2015.9.18 ... Chicago ... A panelist for "Nuts & Bolts of Captive Insurance Taxation" at the Joint Tax/Real Property, Trusts & Estates Sections meeting of the American Bar Association.

2015.4.30 ... American Bar Association CLE Webinar ... Jay Adkisson spoke on the panel "Captive Insurance Best Practices and the Defense of IRS Attacks"

2015.4.16 ... San Francisco ... Jay Adkisson moderated the panel "Protected Cell Captive Insurance Companies" and spoke on the panel "Limited Liability Entities ... Current Bankruptcy Issues" at the Spring Symposium of the American Bar Association's Business Law Section

2014.5.14 ... A panelist for the presentation "Why Clients Across the Spectrum are Increasingly Using Captive Insurance Risk Management" presented by the American Bar Association Section on Real Property, Trusts & Estates

2014.5.6 ... Miami ... Presented "Offshore Insurance Frauds, Schemes and Scams" at the OffshoreAlert Conference

2014.4.10 ... Los Angeles ... Jay Adkisson moderated the panel presenting "Captive Insurance ... Tax & Regulatory Update" at the Spring Meeting of the American Bar Association's Committee on Captive Insurance Companies of the Business Law Section

2012.3.12 ... Scottsdale, Arizona ... Presented "Avoiding Disasters With Captive Insurance Planning" at the 2012 Annual Conference of the Captive Insurance Companies Association

2011.9.29 ... Salt Lake City ... Panel presentation "Does Your 831(b) Captive Quack" at the Western Region Captive Insurance Conference ("Western Captive Round...Up")

2011.9.18 ... San Diego ... Presented "Captive Insurance: Business Owner Risk Management and Wealth Accumulation" at the Financial Planning Association's FPA Experience 2011

2011.8.7 ... Toronto ... Moderated the panel "Captive Insurance Companies: Introduction and Update" sponsored by the American Bar Association's Committee on Captive Insurance at the Business Law Section's Annual Meeting

2009.9.23 ... Portland, OR ... Keynote speaker at the First Annual Oregon Captive Conference

2009.5.5 ... Washington DC ... Presented "Captive Insurance Companies" at the American Association of Life Underwriters

2009.2.17 ... Houston … "Captive Insurance" at the Houston Chapter of the Society of Financial Services Professionals

2008.10.17 ... Des Moines, IA ... Presented "Captive Insurance Companies" at the Midwest Tax Conference.

2008.9.19 ... Park City, UT ... Expert panelist at the Annual Meeting of the Utah Captive Association

2008.4.4 ... San Diego ... Presented "Captive Insurance Companies" at the BGA Sales Summit 2008 of the Underwriting Services of America

2007.10.18 ... San Diego, CA ... Moderated the panel "Understanding Captive Insurance Companies" and the workshop "Captive Insurance for Wealth Transfer and Preservation" at the 27th Annual Southern California Tax & Estate Planning Forum

2007.7.25 ... San Diego, CA ... Presented "Captive Insurance Strategies" at the Best Practices of America 2007 Symposium

2007.4.24 ... Miami, FL ... Presented "Captive Insurance Companies" at the 5th Annual OffshoreAlert Financial Due Diligence Conference