Fraudulent Transfers And Voidable Transactions Appearances

2021.10.09 ... Webinar ... Jay Adkisson presented "Voidable Transactions" at the Annual Meeting of the California Association of Judgment Professionals

2017.10.10 ... Webinar ... Jay Adkisson and Dave Slenn presented "Voidable Transactions" for a nationwide webinar hosted by the National Business Institute.

2016.9.15 ... Los Angeles ... Presented the sections, "Business Asset Protection", "Understanding Charging Orders" and "California's New Uniform Voidable Transactions Act" at a seminar sponsored by Pincus Professional Education.

2016.4.18 ... NBI Webinar ... Presented "Understanding Fraudulent Transfers" for a webinar sponsored by the National Business Institute.

2015.7.29 ... Las Vegas ... Presented "The Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act" to the Las Vegas Chapter of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners

2014.10.17 ... San Diego, CA ... Jay Adkisson and David Slenn presented two programs, "Ethics Issues In Asset Protection" and "Asset Protection Update and the New Uniform Voidable Transaction Act", at the Southern California Tax & Estate Planning Forum

2014.5.8 ... Miami ... Presented "Fraudulent Transfers and Charging Orders" at the Florida Bar Tax Section seminar Asset Protection Industry Leaders Present Key Tools, Technologies, and Insights to Create a Successful Wealth Protection Plan

2013.7.23 ... Teleconference panelist on the topic "When Does Fraudulent Transfer Law Trump Estate Planning" presented by the American Bar Association Section on Real Property, Trusts & Estates

2008.10.11 ... San Jose, CA ... Presented "Understanding Fraudulent Transfer Law" at the Annual Meeting of the California Association of Judgment Professionals

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