Bankruptcy Articles

2021.01.27 ... Warren-Nadler Consumer Bankruptcy Reform Act Portends Biggest Changes To Bankruptcy Code Since 2005

2020.04.06 ... America’s Small Businesses Need Immediately An EZ Chapter 11 Filing Procedure To Flatten The Curve Of Failures From COVID-19

2017.10.29 ... Extravagant Debtors Lose Their Right To Discharge The Tax Man In Feshbach

2017.09.26 ... Consulting With An Asset Protection Attorney Is Proof Of Intent To Defeat Creditors Says 9th Circuit

2014.12.21 ... Bankruptcy Considerations In Asset Protection Planning

2014.10.23 ... Hiding Income In Company Nixes Discharges In Hiett

2014.09.28 ... Third Circuit Resolves Competing Bankruptcy Estates In Allen

2014.07.02 ... Collection South Of The Border Against Seashore Village Held In Fideicomiso Trust

2014.06.12 ... Inherited IRA Not Exempt From Creditors In Bankruptcy, Says Sotomayor

2014.05.26 ... The ‘I Lost It At The Casino’ Defense Fails Again In Tate

2014.04.21 ... Doctor Tries To Cheat Ex-Wife And Impossibility Defense Flops Again In Hissa

2014.03.06 ... Scalia Throws Bankruptcy Surcharging To The Mat

2013.12.28 ... The High-Flying Debtor Gets His Wings Clipped In Newcomer

2013.01.28 ... Marciano - Bankruptcy Debtor Gets Bench Warrant For Contempt After Impossibility Defense Flops

2012.12.30 ... Blixseth - Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Rules Nevada Is Proper Venue For Involuntary Bankruptcy Against Former Billionaire Because Holding Companies Formed There

2012.10.31 ... Peake -- Kansas Homestead, Reverse Mortgages and the Perils of 522(p)

2012.08.18 ... Malley: Debtor's Willful Non-Disclosure Of Asset Leads to Surcharge Of A Different Exempt Asset

2012.05.26 ... Wilson: Surcharge Of Debtor's Exempt Property Based On Debtor's Contempt In Refusing To Assist Trustee In Sale Of Property

2012.03.16 ... McGough: Debtors' Charitable Giving Limited To 15% Of Gross Income In Bankruptcy

2012.01.31 ... Gordon: Debtor Asserts Concepts Of Slavery And Peonage To Try To Avoid Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

2011.11.05 ... Tucker: Involuntary Bankruptcy Just Not That Difficult For Creditors

2011.07.24 ... Bankruptcy Opinion In Re Patel Illustrates Why Post-Liability Planning Can Be A Very Bad Idea

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