Creditor Debtor Articles

2024.04.10 ... Doctor’s Transfer To Wife To Avoid Creditors Doesn't Survive Divorce

2024.03.13 ... A Primer On Creditor Exemptions

2024.02.21 ... Inherited And Overfunded IRAs Not Creditor-Exempt In Ponte

2023.09.18 ... Attorneys Who Aided Debtors Hit With $4.5 Million In Attorney Fees

2023.08.27 ... Understanding The Federal Wage Garnishment Law

2023.06.30 ... U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Civil RICO Actions In Post-Claim Debtor Planning Cases In Smagin

2023.05.08 ... Spendthrift Trusts In California And External Creditors

2023.04.14 ... Recourse And Non-Recourse Debt In The Commercial Real Estate Context

2022.12.26 ... Why Samuel Bankman-Fried's Parents May Have To Pay Treble Damages For Any Assets They Received From FTX

2022.12.12 ... Understanding Depositor Remedies For The FTX And Other Cryptocurrency Failures

2022.11.17 ... Understanding Receivers For Collection And While Asset Protection Planning

2022.08.29 ... ERISA Protection From Creditors Shown To Have Substantial Weaknesses In Greebel

2022.05.09 ... Registered Agent’s Mistake Leads To Liability Of Zions For Failure To Honor A Levy In Bergstrom

2022.03.17 ... Garnishment Of Non-Party LLC’s Bank Account Disallowed In McLeod

2022.02.27 ... AirTags Used By Creditors? That’s Just The Tip Of The Investigation Iceberg

2022.02.07 ... Is Your California IRA Protected From Creditors? Probably Not.

2022.01.28 ... Georgia Bankruptcy Highlights Issues Relating To The Protection Of Roth IRAs In Hoffman

2021.11.26 ... Post-Claim California Private Retirement Plan To Protect Debtor’s Non-Exempt Assets Held To Be A Sham In Gluck

2021.04.17 ... America’s Homelessness Problem Is About To Get Much Worse As The Eviction Moratorium Ends

2021.02.21 ... Creditor’s Early Motion For A Receiver Gets The Kabosh In Medipro Case

2020.09.19 ... California Increases Homestead Exemption In New Legislation

2020.05.25 ... Mechanics Of Assignment Orders Illuminated In Optronics Technologies

2020.03.16 ... Thoughts On Preparing For The Recession

2020.01.20 ... California Retirement Plan For Asset Protection Purpose Fails To Qualify For Creditor Exemption In O’Brien

2019.10.27 ... Uniform Law Commission Adopts Uniform Registration Of Canadian Money Judgments Act

2019.10.16 ... Co-Located Business In Residence Means Co-Located Receiver In Lacava

2019.06.19 ... Annuity Payments Protected From Creditors In Rensin

2018.06.11 ... Arizona Court Of Appeals Misses With Fraudulent Transfer Opinion For ERISA Contributions In Shah

2018.04.22 ... State And Federal Fraudulent Transfer Law Diverge Over Exempt Property In Vorhes

2017.10.29 ... Extravagant Debtors Lose Their Right To Discharge The Tax Man In Feshbach

2017.09.22 ... Is A Judgment Enforceable On Appeal?

2017.08.09 ... Debtor Cannot Assert Homestead Exemption For Residence Owned By LLC In White

2016.08.28 … Registered Agent Sanctioned $234,983 For Helping Ex-Husband Hide Documents Abroad In Sergeeva

2016.07.24 … Sham Mortgage Loan Flops In Pivaroff

2016.07.17 … Wyly's Private Annuities Not Exempt Under Texas Exemption Law Says Bankruptcy Court

2016.06.12 … How Olins ' Antique Collection Led Him To Prison For Cheating Civil Creditors

2016.04.30 … 529 Savings Accounts Not Exempt In California Under O'Brien

2016.02.28 … Repatriation Order for Offshore Assets Denied in Lewis

2016.02.19 … Scalia's Passing Probably Good News Creditors, Bad News For Debtors

2015.12.28 ... The California Private Retirement Plan: Separating Fact From Fiction

2015.11.12 ... Hiding Assets Offshore To Cheat Ex-Wife Leads To Criminal Conviction Of Dr. Brandner

2015.07.20 ... Investor Control Dooms Private Placement Life Insurance Policy In Webber

2015.05.29 ... The SEC Gets High Living Debtor Sent To Jail In Greenberg

2015.04.11 ... The Amazingly Confusing Life Insurance Exemption From Creditor Claims

2015.02.26 ... Of Drones and Debtors

2014.02.06 ... A Wedding And The Writ Of Ne Exeat Republica

2013.12.08 ... Grossman And The Impossibly Difficult Impossibility Defense

2013.09.30 ... After False Start, The Uniform Asset-Freezing Orders Act Is Now Ready To Roll

2013.03.26 ... New Uniform Asset-Freezing Orders Act Has Rocky Start In Colorado

2012.11.24 ... Florida Enforcement Of Illinois Judgment In Weiss Case Highlights Interstate Enforcement Issue

2012.09.14 ... Of Indian Summer, Shredders, and Trash Pulls

2012.06.23 ... Foreclosure, Deficiency Judgments and the Perils of Anti-Deficiency Statutes

2012.05.20 ... Community Property and Creditor-Debtor Law Explained

2012.03.31 ... Speedway Motorsports: Death Benefit From Life Insurance Survives Creditor's Claim That The Premiums Were The Proceeds Of Fraud

2012.03.17 ... Brandner : Alaska Plastic Surgeon Faces Forfeiture Of $4.656 Million For Undisclosed Offshore Account Used To Attempt To Cheat Ex-Wife

2012.02.16 ... Danielo : California's First Action Rule No Defense Against Home Equity Line Of Credit For Underwater Property

2011.08.14 ... Murphy: Attempts To Dodge Personal Guarantees Means Misery For All Involved