Investing Articles

2020.10.29 ... The Serious Disconnect Between A Hot Residential Real Estate Market And The Coming Tsunami Of Foreclosures

2019.02.25 ... Jamie Dimon Shows Why Bitcoin Is Not The Future

2019.01.23 ... Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Your Financial Adviser – And That’s A Good Thing

2018.12.26 ... The Difference Between Crypto And A Dollar, Euro, Yen, Etc.

2018.11.28 ... The Cryptocurrency Paradox And Why Crypto Is Failing

2018.11.20 ... The Great Cryptocurrency Scam

2018.04.14 ... Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency: Unsuitable At Any Speed

2018.03.29 ... Bitcoin's Crazy Volatility Creates Dream Marketplace For Bears

2018.02.09 ... Why Bitcoin Is So Volatile

2018.02.01 ... Bitcoin: The First Truly Worldwide Bubble

2018.01.29 ... Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency And The Government Regulation Paradox

2018.01.21 ... Bitcoin Hurt By Lack Of Viable Pricing Model And The Ghostbusters Stairs Syndrome

2017.12.28 ... The Great Bitcoin Scam

2014.09.24 ... Bitcoin Savings & Trust Comes Up $40 Million Short On The Trust Part

2014.09.17 ... Weed Investments Go Up In Smoke, Says SEC

2013.10.23 ... Fake Swedish Bank On Trial After Elaborate Scheme Leaves Investors With Nothing

2012.7.30 ... You Can't Fix Stupid: The Iraqi Dinar Scam Lives

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