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2022.07.31 ... Crypto Turns Out To Be Nothing But A Massive Pump And Dump Scheme Fueled By Widespread Manipulation

2022.07.25 ... Ninth Circuit Expands Use Of Civil RICO Against Debtors And Their Affiliated Entities And Persons In Smagin

2022.07.14 ... Settlor Of Belize Trust Who Would Not Turn Over CBOE Stock To Ex-Wife Sent To Jail In Marriage Of Harnack

2022.07.11 ... Debtor’s Revocation Of Trust Allows Creditors A Window To Assets In Winget

2022.06.27 ... De-Centralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) For Cryptocurrency Alleged To Be A General Partnership In Sarcuni

2022.06.20 ... Understanding The Limits Of The Transferee's Good Faith Defense In Voidable Transaction Law

2022.06.07 ... IRS Dirty Dozen List Includes Abusive Puerto Rico Captive Insurance Transactions

2022.06.06 ... IRS Wins Ruling On Reconsideration In CIC Services Case Which Cuts Practical Effect Of The Ruling To Almost Nothing

2022.05.27 ... First UPEPA Order Issued In Project Veritas Case

2022.05.23 ... Should Bitcoin Or Other Cryptocurrencies Be In Your Retirement Accounts?

2022.05.16 ... Tenth Circuit Issues Landmark Microcaptive Insurance Company Opinion In Reserve Mechanical

2022.05.09 ... Registered Agent’s Mistake Leads To Liability Of Zions For Failure To Honor A Levy In Bergstrom

2022.04.29 ... UPEPA’s Commercial Speech Exception Examined For The First Time In Boshears

2022.04.26 ... Charging Order Against Out-Of-State LLCs Allowed In AVT

2022.04.18 ... Kentucky Adopts The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act

2022.04.11 ... Fifth Circuit Navigates Around Charging Order Exclusivity For Intramember Dispute In Jiao

2022.03.31 ... Debtor’s Failure To Object To Charging Order Has Dire Consequences In Red Lion

2022.03.28 ... IRS Notice 2016-66 On Microcaptives Vacated By U.S. District Court On Procedural Grounds In CIC Services Case

2022.03.17 ... Garnishment Of Non-Party LLC’s Bank Account Disallowed In McLeod

2022.03.04 ... Superseding Indictment In Conservation Easement Shelter Case Reveals Bogus Property Valuations

2022.02.27 ... AirTags Used By Creditors? That’s Just The Tip Of The Investigation Iceberg

2022.02.24 ... Tenth Circuit Nukes Charging Order Exclusivity In EarthGrains

2022.02.09 ... How Successor Liability Might Disrupt The Best Laid Plans Of Cyber Ninjas

2022.02.07 ... Is Your California IRA Protected From Creditors? Probably Not.

2022.02.05 ... Charging Order Lien Avoided By Bankruptcy Court In Kleynerman

2022.01.31 ... IRS Attorney Hiring Binge Spells More Trouble For Microcaptives And Syndicated Conservation Easements

2022.01.28 ... Georgia Bankruptcy Highlights Issues Relating To The Protection Of Roth IRAs In Hoffman

2022.01.05 ... Debtor’s Law Firm Fees Lien Takes Priority Over Charging Order In Rice

2021.11.30 ... California Further Extends Reverse Veil Piercing To Multiple-Member LLCs In Blizzard Energy

2021.11.26 ... Post-Claim California Private Retirement Plan To Protect Debtor’s Non-Exempt Assets Held To Be A Sham In Gluck

2021.11.24 ... Lawyer, Law Firm And Bank Exposed To Civil RICO And Other Liability For Assisting A Debtor Post-Claim In Kruse

2021.11.16 ... The Role Of Liability Insurance In Asset Protection Planning

2021.10.31 ... Why So Few Rich Americans In The Pandora Papers?

2021.10.30 ... Ninth Circuit Agrees That Damages Is Not An Element Of A Fraudulent Transfer Case In Medina

2021.10.21 ... Residence Underwater Due To Liens Not An Asset That Could Be Fraudulently Transferred In Tootian

2021.10.16 ... Understanding Ipso Facto Clauses In Asset Protection Planning

2021.09.30 ... Charging Order Interstate Jurisdictional Issues In Oberg

2021.09.28 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Construction And Uniformity

2021.09.20 ... Statutory Authority For Charging Order Against Professional Association Addressed In Berns Custom Homes

2021.09.13 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Costs, Attorney's Fees And Litigation Expenses

2021.08.30 ... Charging Order Jurisdictional Issues In O’Neal

2021.08.25 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Appeal

2021.08.18 ... The Complex Trust Is Simply The Criminal Tax Evasion Device Known As The Pure Trust Repackaged

017.08.21 ... IRS Notches Big Tax Court Win On 831(b) Captive Insurance In Avrahami Decision

2021.08.09 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Analysis And Dismissal

2021.07.30 ... U.S. District Judge Employs Common Sense To Overrule Glitch In Charging Order Statute In Brogdon

2021.07.26 ... The Case Of Ernie Ryder And When Tax Shelter Promoters Drink Their Own Koolaid

2021.07.23 ... Delaware Department Of Insurance Loses IRS Summons Fight For Artex And Tribeca Captives But Can Appeal

2021.07.21 ... Repatriation To U.S. Of $18 Million Of Debtor’s Money In Swiss Bank Accounts In Schwarzbaum

2021.06.22 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Proof And Evidence

2021.06.19 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: The Hearing And Ruling

2021.06.17 ... Delaware Chancery Court Navigates Around Charging Order Exclusivity And Recognizes Reverse Veil-Piercing

2021.06.09 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: The Automatic Stay

2021.05.31 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: The Special Motion

2021.05.28 ... Swiss Life Companies Enter Into Deferred Prosecution Arrangement For Abusive Private Placement Life Insurance Policies

2021.05.20 ... U.S. Supreme Court Rules On Anti-Injunction Act In Microcaptive Context

2021.05.11 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Scope And Applicability

2021.04.30 ... Washington State Legislature Passes The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act

2021.04.26 ... The IRS Warns Again On Microcaptives And Announces A New Office Of Promoter Investigations

2021.04.17 ... America’s Homelessness Problem Is About To Get Much Worse As The Eviction Moratorium Ends

2021.04.09 ... Temporal Issues In Alter Ego Analysis

2021.03.30 ... Some Random Musings About Single-Member LLCs Versus Multiple-Member LLCs

2021.03.27 ... Collateral Attack On Charging Order Via Federal Court Fails In Kerr

2021.03.22 ... The U.S. Tax Court Drives A Stake Into The Heart Of Microcaptives In Caylor Land

2021.03.15 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: The Three-Phase Analysis

2021.02.26 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Background And Underpinnings

2021.02.21 ... Creditor’s Early Motion For A Receiver Gets The Kabosh In Medipro Case

2021.02.15 ... Debtor’s Large LLC Distribution To Circumvent Charging Order Draws Ire Of Non-Debtor Member In Bargreen

2021.02.08 ... Decade-Long Limitations Period For IRS Can Be Utilized By Bankruptcy Trustee For All Creditors In Zagaroli

2021.01.27 ... Warren-Nadler Consumer Bankruptcy Reform Act Portends Biggest Changes To Bankruptcy Code Since 2005

2021.01.26 ... Congress Passes Corporate Transparency Act To Require Beneficial Ownership Filings For LLCs And Corporations

2021.01.24 ... UVTA Held Not To Require A Third-Party Transferee In Nagel

2021.01.19 ... Equitable Remedy To Circumvent Charging Order Exclusivity Denied In Ramos

2020.12.31 ... U.S. District Judge Denies Blanket Assertion Of Attorney-Client Privilege In Moore Ingram Microcaptive Promoter Audit Case

2020.12.24 ... Accountants In Syndicated Conservation Easement Shelter Plead Guilty

2020.12.17 ... Louisiana Court Of Appeals Rejects Busting Of Single-Member LLC In AOK Property

2020.11.28 ... Uniform Law Commission Creates Drafting Committee To Clean Up And Modernize American LLC Law

2020.11.26 ... Contempt Not Precluded By Charging Order Exclusivity In Gengs

2020.11.23 ... Charging Order Against Interest Of LLC In Bankruptcy Held Not To Violate The Automatic Stay In Nilhan

2020.11.11 ... California Court Of Appeals Approves Alter Ego Theory To Add Additional Judgment Debtors In Butler

2020.10.29 ... The Serious Disconnect Between A Hot Residential Real Estate Market And The Coming Tsunami Of Foreclosures

2020.10.22 ... Eleventh Circuit Affirms Punitive Damages For A Fraudulent Transfer And Rejects Constructive Notice In Judkins

2020.10.22 ... IRS Announces A Second Settlement Initiative For Abusive Microcaptive Tax Shelters But With Much Stricter

2020.10.02 ... IRS Warns Microcaptive Shelter Penalties To Get Much Worse, Taking On The Puerto Rico Deal And Other Next-Generative Captive Shelters

2020.09.23 ... U.S. Tax Court Affirms Most Penalties In Patel Microcaptive Shelter Case But Kicks Out Some For IRS Procedural Errors

2020.09.19 ... California Increases Homestead Exemption In New Legislation

2020.09.12 ... Microcaptive Manager Artex And Related Professionals Dodge The Class Action Bullet In Shivkov

2020.09.10 ... GAO Report To Grassley At Senate Finance Slams Offshore Microcaptive And Variable Life Insurance Transactions

2020.08.29 ... Federal Anti-SLAPP Legislation Re-Introduced In Congress But Needs Updating

2020.08.26 ... Syndicated Conservation Easement Tax Shelters Slammed By U.S. Senate Finance Report

2020.08.24 ... Buyers Of Jade Risk Get Taken To Woodshed In Litigation Arising From Merger Of Captive Insurance Managers

2020.08.08 ... IRS Sends Second Wave Of Soft Letter Warnings To Certain Captive Owners For Abusive Microcaptive Transactions

2020.07.30 ... Zambri Zaps Harrah’s Casino For $850,449.60 In Fraudulent Transfers Ordered Repaid To Bankruptcy Trustee

2020.07.27 ... Microcaptive Tax Shelter Promoter Investigation Of Moore Ingram Law Firm Leads To Attorney-Client Privilege Issues With Client Documents

2020.07.22 ... U.S. Tax Court Approves Penalties For Microcaptive Transaction In Oropeza

2020.07.20 ... Uniform Law Commission Approves New Anti-SLAPP Law In Time For Consideration By New York Legislature

2020.06.30 ... Attorney Fees Held Awardable Under Nevada Fraudulent Transfer Law In Morgan Stanley Opinion

2020.06.24 ... The U.S. Department Of Justice Files Suit To Enforce An IRS Summons Against The Delaware Department Of Insurance For Artex Transactions

2020.06.20 ... Payment Of Distributions Directly To Creditor Holding A Charging Order Deemed Appropriate In BMO Case

2020.06.11 ... Bank That Was Financially Involved With Debtor Gets Caught Up In Fraudulent Transfer Case In Wilson

2020.05.25 ... Mechanics Of Assignment Orders Illuminated In Optronics Technologies

2020.05.24 ... Stop In The Name Of Lien: The IRS Loses Against The Partnership Of Motown Songwriter Edmond Holland, Jr.

2020.05.21 ... Utah Supreme Court Rejects Mixed Motive Test For Intentional Fraudulent Transfers In Jones Case

2020.05.19 ... Coronavirus Pandemic Threatens Run On Business Interruption Policies Sold By Captive Insurance Risk Pools

2020.04.30 ... Charging Order Denied For Lack Of Proof Of The Debtor's Interest In Dhillon

2020.04.17 ... Coronavirus Pandemic Will Not Slow Down IRS’s Pursuit Of Microcaptive And Syndicated Conservation Easement Transactions Says

2020.04.13 ... Surviving The Recession: Things To Avoid And Things To Do If You Are Financially Crashing

2020.04.06 ... America’s Small Businesses Need Immediately An EZ Chapter 11 Filing Procedure To Flatten The Curve Of Failures From COVID-19

2020.03.28 ... Alleged Syndicated Conservation Easement Tax Shelter Promoters Face Class-Action Lawsuit

2020.03.17 ... Series LLC Not Allowed To Play Pea-Shell Game In City Of Urbana Opinion

2020.03.16 ... Thoughts On Preparing For The Recession

2020.02.29 ... Florida Charging Order Requires Distributions To Be Re-Directed To The Creditor In Kostoglou

2020.02.24 ... Mediation: Don’t Just Mail It In

2020.02.16 ... Talisman Casualty Denied Diversity Jurisdiction Of Protected Cell Series LLC In National WW II Museum Case

2020.02.04 ...The IRS Strikes A Rich Seam Of Tax And Penalty Gold In Risk-Pooled 831(b) Captives And Is Sending In More Miners

2020.01.30 ... Sixth Circuit Punts On Tennessee Reverse Piercing Law In Church Joint Venture Case

2020.01.20 ... California Retirement Plan For Asset Protection Purpose Fails To Qualify For Creditor Exemption In O’Brien

2020.01.18 ... Trust Attorney Who Let Client Hide Money From The IRS In Attorney’s IOLTA Trust Account Convicted In Green Case

2020.01.06 ... Twyne’s Case And The Most Infamous Flock Of Sheep In Anglo-American Law

2019.12.31 ... The Next Generation Captive Insurance Tax Shelter Explained

2019.12.21 ... Monster Energy Sees Arbitration Judgment Vacated For Inadequate Disclosures By Arbitrator And Concerns Over Repeat Player Bias

2019.12.07 ... New York Finally Modernizes Its Fraudulent Transfer Laws By Adopting The Uniform Voidable Transactions Act

2019.12.05 ... Bitter Coffee: Starbucks Squabbles With The Washington Insurance Commissioner Over $633 Million Paid To Its Captive Insurance Company

2019.11.27 ... Nevada Supreme Court Answers Some Alter Ego Questions Leaves Others Unanswered In Magliarditi

2019.11.24 ... Imputed Distributions To Evade Charging Order Result In Receiver And Sale Of Assets In Earthgrains

2019.11.21 ... Swiss Private Placement Life Insurance Policy ( PPLI ) Results In Conviction Of Blandi For Tax Evasion

2019.11.17 ... IRS Suggests Criminal Referrals To Be Made In Abusive 831(b) Captive Tax Shelter Cases

2019.10.29 ... Repeal Of Kentucky’s Fraudulent Transfer Law In Favor Of UVTA Causes Headaches In Orchard

2019.10.27 ... Uniform Law Commission Adopts Uniform Registration Of Canadian Money Judgments Act

2019.10.19 ... Texas Homestead Gets Constitutional Protection From Fraudulent Transfer Claim In Lapides

2019.10.16 ... Co-Located Business In Residence Means Co-Located Receiver In Lacava

2019.09.28 ... Johnson & Johnson Wins Appeal On $60 Million Tax Case To New Jersey For Captive Insurance Company

2019.09.26 ... Understanding The IRS Settlement Initiative Offer For Targeted 831(b) Captive Insurance Companies

2019.09.16 ... IRS Announces Global Settlement Of Abusive 831(b) Captive Insurance Tax Shelters

2019.09.13 ... The Sackler Family And Fraudulent Transfers

2019.08.21 ... Of Jeffrey Epstein And The Assets He Placed Into Trust Two Days Before His Death

2019.08.18 ... California Creditors Can Execute Against 100% Of Mandatory Trust Distributions In Blech

2019.08.08 ... Artex Defeats Attempt To Form Class Action And Forces Individual Arbitration Of Captive Disputes

2019.07.30 ... Fiduciary Duties In An LLC May Be Contracted Away Says Arizona Supreme Court in Sky Harbor Hotel

2019.07.27 ... Cortez Rule For California Uniform Voidable Transactions Act Reaffirmed In Potter

2019.07.08 ... Fraudulent Transfers And The Statute of 13 Elizabeth Translated To Contemporary Legal English

2019.07.04 ... Second Class Action Against A Risk-Pooled 831(b) Captive Promoter Roils Sector

2019.06.27 ... California Child Support Order Not Enforced Against South Dakota Trust In Cleopatra

2019.06.24 ... Charging Order Protection Backfires At Judicial Sale In Preservation Holdings

2019.06.22 ... New York Trust Not Subject To North Carolina Tax Because of In-State Beneficiaries In Kaestner

2019.06.19 ... Annuity Payments Protected From Creditors In Rensin

2019.05.30 ... Understanding The Elements Of The UVTA Tests For A Voidable Transaction

2019.05.28 ... New York Denies Stewart's Shops Deduction For Premiums Paid To Its Captive Insurance Company

2019.05.23 ... Sixth Circuit Also Gives CIC Services Thumbs-Down On IRS Notice 2016-66 Challenge

2019.05.20 ... Good Faith Not Enough For Transferee To Establish Fraudulent Transfer Defense In Hawk

2019.04.29 ... Mike Meyer's 'Ultimate Tax Plan' Involving Charitable LLCs And LPs Hit With DOJ Permanent Injunction

2019.04.27 ... Iowa Supreme Court Serves Up A Shoddy Charging Order Opinion In Retterath

2019.04.23 ... Third US Tax Court Opinion Denies Deductions For Risk-Pooled 831(b) Captive Arrangement In Syzygy

2019.04.15 ... Third-Party -Created Trust May Be A Self-Settled Trust And Included In Bankruptcy Estate In Cyr Case

2019.03.31 ... Voidability Of Sham Lawsuit And Judgment At Issue In Chen

2019.03.29 ... Macy’s Captive Insurance Company Faces Potential $23.8 Million In Maryland Corporate Tax Liability

2019.03.24 ... Tax And Asset Protection Huckster Causes Big Problems For Taxpayer In Burbach

2019.03.19 ... Million Dollar Quartet Leads To Lien Priority Dispute Involving Charging Order

2019.02.25 ... Jamie Dimon Shows Why Bitcoin Is Not The Future

2019.02.22 ... California Court Of Appeals Swings And Misses On Pre-Marital Fraudulent Transfer Agreement In Sturm

2019.02.18 ... Florida Order Awarding LLC Interest To Creditor Reversed In Pansky

2019.02.12 ... Why The Mere Incorporation Or Formation Process For A New Entity Is Not A Fraudulent Transfer

2019.01.30 ... Resignation Of Corporate Officer Not A Fraudulent Transfer In Texas Opinion

2019.01.28 ... Understanding The Protected Series Act: Article 8 And Final Thoughts

2019.01.23 ... Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Your Financial Adviser – And That’s A Good Thing

2019.01.06... Personal Guarantees Are A Financial Noose That Can And Will Cause Financial Death

2018.12.31 ... Note Substitution For Trust Property Invalidated As A Fraudulent Transfer In Morales

2018.12.26 ... The Difference Between Crypto And A Dollar, Euro, Yen, Etc.

2018.12.20 ... DOJ Sues To Shut Down Syndicated Conservation Easement Tax Shelter Promoters

2018.12.20 ... Class Action Targets Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Over Captive Insurance Tax Shelter

2018.11.28 ... The Cryptocurrency Paradox And Why Crypto Is Failing

2018.11.24 ... Understanding The Protected Series Act: Treating Out-Of-State Series

2018.11.20 ... The Great Cryptocurrency Scam

2018.11.18 ... Understanding The Protected Series Act: Mergers

2018.10.29 ... Understanding The Protected Series Act: Dissolution And Winding Up Of Protected Series

2018.10.28 ... Advising About Or Assisting With A Fraudulent Transfer Is About To Get Very Dangerous In California

2018.10.21 ... Understanding The Protected Series Act: Liability Limitations And Claims

2018.10.19 ... Why You Need A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

2018.09.29 ... Morgan Stanley Uses Charging Order As An Entree To Appointment Of Receiver

2018.09.24 ... Samsung Note9 And Notebook 9 Pro A Match Made In Tech Heaven

2018.09.16 ... Debtor's Access To LLC Assets For His Personal Purposes Leads To Turnover Order In Golfwood Square

2018.09.05 ... Whistleblower Yanks Back Rug To Expose Alleged Dirt Of Moody's Captive Insurance Company

2018.08.30 ... Understanding The Protected Series Act: Assets, Members And Management

2018.08.28 ... Understanding The Protected Series Act: Creating A Protected Series And Service Of Process

2018.08.24 ... Undocumented Loans Easy Fodder For Florida Fraudulent Transfer Claim In Kaplan

2018.08.13 ... Late-Arriving Member To LLC Results In Fraudulent Transfer Finding And Punitive Damages In Lacava

2018.07.30 ... Judicial Foreclosure Of An Alleged Single-Member Florida LLC Fails In Saadi

2018.07.28 ... Johnson & Johnson Loses $60 Million Case To New Jersey For Captive Insurance Company

2018.07.26 ... Ninth Circuit Rules For IRS In Shareholder Distribution Claw-Back Fraudulent Transfer Case In Slone

2018.07.18 ... Understanding The Protected Series Act: The Framework of UPSA - Part 2 of a Series

2018.06.25 ... Analysis Of The IRS's Big Win Against Risk-Pooled Small Captives In Reserve Mechanical

2018.06.19 ... Capstone's PoolRe Fails To Provide Risk Distribution In Reserve Mechanical Captive Insurance Case

2018.06.18 ... Understanding The Uniform Protected Series Act: What Is A Protected Series?

2018.06.11 ... Arizona Court Of Appeals Misses With Fraudulent Transfer Opinion For ERISA Contributions In Shah

2018.05.31 ... LLC Manager's Fiduciary Duty Possibly Breached By Not Making A Distribution To Creditor In Garcia

2018.05.27 ... Washington State Goes After Microsoft's Captive For Unpaid Premium Taxes And Unauthorized Insurance

2018.05.13 ... Georgia Governor Vetoes Domestic Asset Protection Trust Legislation

2018.05.12 ... Bankruptcy Trustee's Compromise With Offshore Trust Fails To Win Court Approval In Olson

2018.04.22 ... Creditor Fails To Prove Up Contempt For Violating Charging Order In SE Property

2018.04.22 ... State And Federal Fraudulent Transfer Law Diverge Over Exempt Property In Vorhes

2018.04.20 ... Georgia Legislature Snookered Into Passing Legislation To Cause Investment Flight From Georgia

2018.04.14 ... Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency: Unsuitable At Any Speed

2018.03.29 ... Bitcoin's Crazy Volatility Creates Dream Marketplace For Bears

2018.03.26 ... IRS Prevails On Alter Ego Grounds Against Financially-Distressed Companies In Cordes

2018.03.22 ... Charging Orders Against Out-Of-State LLCs Clarified In German American Capital Opinion

2018.03.05 ... Alaska Supreme Court Hammers Last Nail In DAPT Coffin For Use In Non- DAPT States In Toni 1 Trust

2018.02.28 ... The Great Lawyer Ratings Racket And Ten Considerations For Locating A Good Attorney

2018.02.22 ... Ancillary Provisions In Charging Orders Illuminated In Law

2018.02.09 ... Why Bitcoin Is So Volatile

2018.02.01 ... Bitcoin: The First Truly Worldwide Bubble

2018.01.29 ... Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency And The Government Regulation Paradox

2018.01.27 ... Beware The Puerto Rico Captive Insurance Tax Shelter

2018.01.21 ... Bitcoin Hurt By Lack Of Viable Pricing Model And The Ghostbusters Stairs Syndrome

2018.01.16 ... Asset Protection Year In Review 2017

2017.12.28 ... The Great Bitcoin Scam

2017.12.18 ... Revocation Of A Company's S-Election By Shareholders Not Deemed A Voidable Transaction In Arrowsmith

2017.12.17 ... Charging Order Priority Makes For A Mess In Florida In Capstone Bank Case

2017.12.07 ... 'I Only Gave It To My Spouse In Case I Got Sued' Defense Flops Once Again In Soley Case

2017.11.23 ... FDCPA Overrides State Law Limitations Period And Charging Order Exclusivity In Wilhite

2017.11.23 ... Charging Order Not Exclusive Remedy For SMLLC Interest In Heckert

2017.11.17 ... Avrahamis Motion For Reconsideration Rolls Snake-Eyes In U.S. Tax Court

2017.11.04 ... Court Pours Out Lawsuit By CIC Services, LLC, And Ryan, LLC, To Stop Notice 2016-66

2017.10.31 ... Anti-SLAPP Statutory Oddities

2017.10.29 ... Extravagant Debtors Lose Their Right To Discharge The Tax Man In Feshbach

2017.10.19 ... Foster & Dunhill Saga Ends With Convictions And Donaldson Claiming To Be Too Fat To Jail

2017.10.11 ... Risk-Pooled 831(b) Captive Insurance Companies And Bad Practices Take A Beating In Avrahami

2017.09.30 ... Avrahamis Captive Manager Apparently Calling It Quits After Decision

2017.09.26 ... Consulting With An Asset Protection Attorney Is Proof Of Intent To Defeat Creditors Says 9th Circuit

2017.09.24 ... DOJ Investigating Offshore Life Insurance Companies For Selling Abusive PPLI Policies

2017.09.22 ... Is A Judgment Enforceable On Appeal?

2017.08.20 ... One Year Discovery Rule For Fraudulent Transfers Tested In PNC Bank Case

2017.08.13 ... Reverse Veil Piercing Given New Life In California Against A Delaware LLC In Curci

2017.08.09 ... Debtor Cannot Assert Homestead Exemption For Residence Owned By LLC In White

2017.07.29 ... Federal Court Whiffs On Analysis But Gets Charging Order Right Anyway In Peach REO

2017.07.22 ... Uniform Limited Liability Company Protected Series Act ( ULLCPSA ) Adopted By Uniform Law Commission

2017.07.19 ... Donaldson And Crithfield Found Guilty In Foster Dunhill Offshore Insurance Tax Evasion Case

2017.07.08 ... Two Ancient English Statutes And A Dispute Over Modern Voidable Transactions Law

2017.06.29 ... Colorado Supreme Court Affirms McClure Charging Order Decision And Causes Split With Other States

2017.06.25 ... Beware The Insane New Offshore Insurance Company Deals Sold By Some 831(b) Captive Managers

2017.06.24 ... Twenty Years Later And Marc Harris Organization Clients Are Still Being Prosecuted

2017.06.11 ... Alter Ego Cuts A Broad Swath Against Nevada Entities And Trusts In Transfirst

2017.05.30 ... The Good Faith Transferee Defined In Nautilus

2017.05.22 ... A Charging Order A Day Keeps The Receiver Away In Pajooh

2017.05.09 ... Distributions Due Or Made From A California Spendthrift Trust Available To Creditors In Carmack

2017.04.23 ... Last Gasp Attempt To Stop Notice 2016-66 Fails, May 1 Filing Deadline Approaches Quickly

2017.01.18 ... Fraudulent Transfer Law Trumps Tenancy By The Entireties In Knoll

2017.01.13 ... Minnesota Court Of Appeals Boots Clear And Convincing Anti-SLAPP Burden Of Proof

2016.12.31 ... IRS Extends Deadline For Compliance With Notice 2016-66 For 831(b) Captives To May 1, 2017

2016.12.27 ... The IRS Leaves A Lump Of Coal For Syndicated Conservation Easements In Notice 2017-10

2016.12.16 ... Charging Order Gives Creditor Priority Claim To Defeat A Receiver In Detroit Memorial

2016.12.06 ... Tax Zapper John Yin Gets Zapped By DOJ

2016.11.16 ... A Detailed Analysis of IRS Notice 2016-66 re 831(b) Captives

2016.11.16 ... A Detailed Analysis of IRS Notice 2016-66 re 831(b) Captives

2016.11.13 ... Pretrial Memoranda Filed In Wilson 831(b) Captive Case Display IRS Attacks and Taxpayer Responses

2016.11.13 ... Pretrial Memoranda Filed In Wilson 831(b) Captive Case Display IRS Attacks and Taxpayer Responses

2016.11.08 ... IRS Notice 2016-66 Regarding 831(b) Captive Insurance Companies Interpreted In Common English

2016.11.08 ... IRS Notice 2016-66 Regarding 831(b) Captive Insurance Companies Interpreted In Common English

2016.11.1 ... IRS Categorizes Certain 831(b) Captive Insurance Companies As A "Transaction Of Interest"

2016.09.30 ... The Silver Lining In The IRS's Proposed Rule Changes For Valuation Discounts

2016.09.29 ... Not All Captive Insurance Risk Pools Are Created Equally

2016.09.10 ... The 10-Year Lookback for Tax Liability Overrides State Fraudulent Transfer Law In Kipnis

2016.09.03 … Charging Order Exclusivity Proves To Be Not So Exclusive In DeVoll

2016.08.28 … Registered Agent Sanctioned $234,983 For Helping Ex-Husband Hide Documents Abroad In Sergeeva

2016.08.22 … Sacred Heart University Dodges Fraudulent Transfer Claim For Tuition Paid In Palladino

2016.08.14 … Fraudulent Transfers Into An ERISA Plan Can Be Unwound Despite The ERISA Protections

2016.07.30 … Fraudulent Transfer Defeats Tenancy By The Entireties Protection Of Sarasota Home In Major

2016.07.29 … Blixseth Loses On Marital Settlement Agreement and Fraudulent Transfers

2016.07.24 … Sham Mortgage Loan Flops In Pivaroff

2016.07.17 … Wyly's Private Annuities Not Exempt Under Texas Exemption Law Says Bankruptcy Court

2016.06.26 … Bellinger The Sequel: Poor Advocacy And Bad Rulings Lead To A Big Mess

2016.6.21 … The Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act Takes On Anonymous U.S. Entities

2016.06.14 … Bad Facts Make For Bad Charging Order Law In Arayos

2016.06.12 … How Olins ' Antique Collection Led Him To Prison For Cheating Civil Creditors

2016.05.30 … Tennessee Charging Order Not An Appealable Final Judgment (Just Yet) In Rogers Group

2016.05.22 … LLC Distributions Arising From The Debtor's Labors Subject To 25% Earnings Exemption In Alexander

2016.05.21 … Actual Fraud Includes Fraudulent Transfers In Bankruptcy Says Sotomayor

2016.5.15 … Customer Due Diligence Final Rule Announced By Treasury

2016.04.30 … 529 Savings Accounts Not Exempt In California Under O'Brien

2016.04.17 … Why No Americanos Yet In Mossack Fonseca's Panama Papers Revelations?

2016.04.07 … The Golf Channel Gets The Answer It Wants From The Texas Supreme Court

2016.04.03 … Panama Law Firm Mossack Fonseca Faces Leak Of 11 Million Documents Exposing Thousands Of Clients

2016.03.27 … Cayman Islands Financial Institutions Agree To Guilty Plea And Rat Out Their Depositors

2016.03.26 … Trustee Frustrated In Selling Debtor/Member's LLC Interest In Talbut

2016.03.25 … Estate Planners: Worry Not About The Uniform Voidable Transactions Act

2016.03.03 … Happy 75th Birthday to Helvering v. LeGierse

2016.02.28 … Repatriation Order for Offshore Assets Denied in Lewis

2016.02.21 … Does A Charging Order Lien Survive The Expiration Of The Judgment? Estate of Metzner

2016.02.19 … Scalia's Passing Probably Good News Creditors, Bad News For Debtors

2016.02.13 … Charging Orders, Jurisdiction, And The Non-Party Debtor In Spates

2016.01.31 … Drafting of the Proposed Series LLC Act Moves Towards July Test

2016.01.30 … Fraudulent Transfers In Hypnotic Taxi

2016.01.12 … The Asset Protection Year In Review 2015

2015.12.28 ... The California Private Retirement Plan: Separating Fact From Fiction

2015.12.19 ... Congress Makes 831(b) Captives Much Better And Deals With (Some) Abuses In 2015 Appropriations Bill

2015.12.08 ... 2015 Extender Bill May Throw Out 831(b) Captive Baby With The Bathwater

2015.11.30 ... Ghosts Of Tax Shelters Past And The Return Of The Listed Transactions

2015.11.29 ... The Sum Of All Fears About IRC 831(b) Tax Shelter Captives In Avrahami

2015.11.27 ... Silver Bars and Fraudulent Transfers in Rego Group

2015.11.22 ... U.S. Jurisdictions That Criminalize Fraudulent Transfers

2015.11.16 ... Attorney's Fees Deemed To Constitute Reasonably Equivalent Value In Magnum Steel

2015.11.12 ... Hiding Assets Offshore To Cheat Ex-Wife Leads To Criminal Conviction Of Dr. Brandner

2015.10.18 ... Charging Order Procedural Issues Confronted in Textron Financial

2015.10.14 ... Charging Order Jurisdictional And Foreign LLC Issues Become Clearer In Vision Marketing

2015.09.30 ... Minnesota Attorney Suspended For Assisting With A Fraudulent Transfer In Sheehan

2015.09.30 ... QPRT Deemed Revocable And Fails To Protect Home In Ferrante

2015.09.27 ... Residual Value Insurance Scores Big Win In U.S. Tax Court

2015.09.19 ... EarthGrains Turns Up The Heat With Utah Charging Order Against Nevada LLC

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2012.12.31 ... Cohen - Lawyer's Transfer Of Wages To Entireties Account Only Partially Protected From Creditor When Fraudulently Transferred

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2012.04.02 ... Weitz: New York Superior Court Holds That It Has Jurisdiction Over A Cook Islands Trustee For Fraudulent Transfers

2012.03.31 ... Speedway Motorsports: Death Benefit From Life Insurance Survives Creditor's Claim That The Premiums Were The Proceeds Of Fraud

2012.03.17 ... Brandner : Alaska Plastic Surgeon Faces Forfeiture Of $4.656 Million For Undisclosed Offshore Account Used To Attempt To Cheat Ex-Wife

2012.03.16 ... McGough: Debtors' Charitable Giving Limited To 15% Of Gross Income In Bankruptcy

2012.03.06 ... Weddell: Nevada Supreme Court Restricts Charging Order To Debtor's Economic Interests Only

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2011.10.19 ... Mortensen: Alaska Asset Protection Trust Funded By Solvent Settlor Completely Fails To Protect Assets In Bankruptcy Against Future Creditors

2011.10.13 ... The Sad Last Ballad of Jerry Lynn Williams: Divorce Decree Fails To Defeat Fraudulent Transfer Action

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