Jay Adkisson


Jay Adkisson is an attorney and a Managing Partner of Adkisson Pitet LLP who practices primarily in the area of creditor-debtor litigation, but also from time-to-time in the areas asset protection and wealth preservation, captive insurance companies and insurance/reinsurance litigation, and Anti-SLAPP litigation. He is also a columnist for Forbes.com, an author of several books, and a popular legal and financial speaker on a variety of topics. He has twice been an expert witness to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, and his lectures have included to the U.S. Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service on judgment enforcement issues.

Jay earned his Juris Doctor degree, with honors, from the University of Oklahoma in 1988, and was a member of the Oklahoma Law Review. He has been admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Oklahoma (1989), Texas (1993), California (2007), Nevada (2012), Arizona (2012), the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th, 9th, 10th, and 11th Circuits, and numerous federal district courts nationwide. Jay also occasionally acts as an expert witness in various areas, and has acted as a court-appointed receiver in two high-profile post-judgment enforcement cases.

American Bar Association Activity

Jay is a member of the American Bar Association and has been active in leadership in the Business Law and Real Property, Trusts and Estate (RPTE) sections, including:

  • Chair, 2015 to 2016, and Vice-Chair, 2012 to 2015, Committee on Financial Services and Insurance in the Real Property, Trusts & Estates Section; and
  • Chair, 2011 to 2014, Committee on Captive Insurance Companies in the Business Law Section.

Uniform Laws Commission Activity

Jay has served as an American Bar Association adviser to the drafting committees of the following uniform acts:

  • Uniform Voidable Transactions Act (formerly the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act), adopted 2014;
  • Uniform Protected Series Act, adopted 2017;
  • Uniform Registration of Canadian Money Judgments Act, adopted 2019; and
  • Uniform Public Expression Protection Act, adopted 2020.

Honorary Memberships

  • California Association of Judgment Professionals, Honorary Lifetime Member.
  • National Association of Estate Planning Council, Honorary Lifetime Member.

Inn of Court

  • Howard D. McKibben Inn of Court, Master of the Bench, 2016-present.

Future Speaking Appearances

2022.10.19 ... Phoenix, AZ ... Jay Adkisson will speak at the Arizona Bar's First Anti-SLAPP Symposium
2022.10.20 ... Phoenix, AZ ... Jay Adkisson to host the Arizona Bar's Annual Creditor-Debtor Law Symposium

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