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Jay practices in the area of creditor-debtor law, including both creditor-side judgment enforcement and debtor-side defense. Because of Jay's extensive past experience with asset protection planning, Jay frequently represents creditors in attempting to bust through complex asset protection arrangements, and debtors who have such arrangements. Less frequently, he represents debtors who have cases with interesting technical issues.


Jay served as an American Bar Association Adviser to the drafting committees of the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act (2014) and the Uniform Registration of Canadian Money Judgments Act (2019). He also served as the court-appointed receiver in Pacific Coast Management v. Gaggero and Wynn v. Francis. Jay authored the book The Charging Order Practice Guide (Amer.Bar.Assoc., 2018). He writes frequently on creditor-debtor issues for his column in Forbes.com


Jay's exploits in pursuing the assets of New Times Media LLC (the holding company of the Village Voice companies) have been recounted in two articles:



Articles on Creditor-Debtor Law


2021.04.17 ... America’s Homelessness Problem Is About To Get Much Worse As The Eviction Moratorium Ends

2021.02.21 ... Creditor’s Early Motion For A Receiver Gets The Kabosh In Medipro Case

2020.09.19 ... California Increases Homestead Exemption In New Legislation

2020.05.25 ... Mechanics Of Assignment Orders Illuminated In Optronics Technologies

2020.03.16 ... Thoughts On Preparing For The Recession

2020.01.20 ... California Retirement Plan For Asset Protection Purpose Fails To Qualify For Creditor Exemption In O’Brien

2019.10.27 ... Uniform Law Commission Adopts Uniform Registration Of Canadian Money Judgments Act

2019.10.16 ... Co-Located Business In Residence Means Co-Located Receiver In Lacava

2019.06.19 ... Annuity Payments Protected From Creditors In Rensin

2018.06.11 ... Arizona Court Of Appeals Misses With Fraudulent Transfer Opinion For ERISA Contributions In Shah

2018.04.22 ... State And Federal Fraudulent Transfer Law Diverge Over Exempt Property In Vorhes

2017.10.29 ... Extravagant Debtors Lose Their Right To Discharge The Tax Man In Feshbach

2017.09.22 ... Is A Judgment Enforceable On Appeal?

2017.08.09 ... Debtor Cannot Assert Homestead Exemption For Residence Owned By LLC In White

2016.8.28 … Registered Agent Sanctioned $234,983 For Helping Ex-Husband Hide Documents Abroad In Sergeeva

2016.7.24 … Sham Mortgage Loan Flops In Pivaroff

2016.7.17 … Wyly's Private Annuities Not Exempt Under Texas Exemption Law Says Bankruptcy Court

2016.6.12 … How Olins' Antique Collection Led Him To Prison For Cheating Civil Creditors

2016.4.30 … 529 Savings Accounts Not Exempt In California Under O'Brien

2016.2.28 … Repatriation Order for Offshore Assets Denied in Lewis

2016.2.19 … Scalia's Passing Probably Good News Creditors, Bad News For Debtors

2015.12.28 ... The California Private Retirement Plan: Separating Fact From Fiction

2015.11.12 ... Hiding Assets Offshore To Cheat Ex-Wife Leads To Criminal Conviction Of Dr. Brandner

2015.7.20 ... Investor Control Dooms Private Placement Life Insurance Policy In Webber

2015.5.29 ... The SEC Gets High Living Debtor Sent To Jail In Greenberg

2015.4.11 ... The Amazingly Confusing Life Insurance Exemption From Creditor Claims

2015.2.26 ... Of Drones and Debtors

2014.2.6 ... A Wedding And The Writ Of Ne Exeat Republica

2013.12.8 ... Grossman And The Impossibly Difficult Impossibility Defense

2013.9.30 ... After False Start, The Uniform Asset-Freezing Orders Act Is Now Ready To Roll

2013.3.26 ... New Uniform Asset-Freezing Orders Act Has Rocky Start In Colorado

2012.11.24 ... Florida Enforcement Of Illinois Judgment In Weiss Case Highlights Interstate Enforcement Issue

2012.9.14 ... Of Indian Summer, Shredders, and Trash Pulls

2012.6.23 ... Foreclosure, Deficiency Judgments and the Perils of Anti-Deficiency Statutes

2012.5.20 ... Community Property and Creditor-Debtor Law Explained

2012.3.31 ... Speedway Motorsports: Death Benefit From Life Insurance Survives Creditor's Claim That The Premiums Were The Proceeds Of Fraud

2012.3.17 ... Brandner: Alaska Plastic Surgeon Faces Forfeiture Of $4.656 Million For Undisclosed Offshore Account Used To Attempt To Cheat Ex-Wife

2012.2.16 ... Danielo: California's First Action Rule No Defense Against Home Equity Line Of Credit For Underwater Property

2011.8.14 ... Murphy: Attempts To Dodge Personal Guarantees Means Misery For All Involved


Presentations on Creditor-Debtor Law


2020.10.08 ... Phoenix, AZ ... Jay Adkisson hosted the Second Arizona Creditors Rights Symposium for the State Bar of Arizona.


2019.10.12-13 ... Orange County, CA, Jay Adkisson presented "Understanding And Busting Trusts" at the 20th Anniversary Conference of the California Association of Judgment Professionals.


2018.05.24 ... Phoenix, Arizona ... Jay Adkisson moderated and presented at the Arizona Creditor Rights Symposium for the State Bar of Arizona.


2018.03.20 ... ABA Webinar ... Jay Adkisson moderated the ABA Webinar "Piercing the Veil of the Single Member Limited Liability Company (“SMLLC”) Including Some Downsides to the Separate Entity for the Sole Proprietor".


2017.10.14 ... Costa Mesa, CA ... Jay Adkisson presented "California Enforcement Law Update" to the California Association of Judgment Professionals.


2017.03.22 ... Las Vegas ... Jay Adkisson to present "How Creditors Collect Judgments" to the Las Vegas STEP Chapter


2016.9.13 ... Washington, D.C. ... Jay Adkisson presented "Defeating Asset Protection Plans" at the Asset Investigations Seminar of the U.S. Department of Justice.


2016.3.16 ... Las Vegas, NV ... Presented "Fundamentals of Judgment Enforcement" to the American College of Trust & Estates Counsel.


2015.10.11 ... Orange County, CA ... Presented "California Creditor...Debtor Law Hot Issues" at the annual meeting of the California Association of Judgment Enforcers".


2014.3.26 ... Long Beach CA ... A panelist for the program "Judgment Enforcement in California" sponsored by Lorman


2013.11.1 ... Pasadena ... Panelist for the program "Creditors' Remedies In California" presented by Lorman


2012.11.27 ... Pasadena CA ... Presented "Debt Collection Practices in California" sponsored by Lorman


2012.10.13 ... Sacramento, CA ... Presented "Anatomy Of A Collection" at the annual meeting of the California Association of Judgment Professionals


2012.9.27 ... Tustin, CA ... Presented "Chasing Judgments" to the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association


2012.2.15 ... Orange County CA ...  Presented "Judgment Enforcement in California" sponsored by Lorman


2010.11.17 ... Pasadena, CA … Presented "Judgment Enforcement" sponsored by Lorman Education Services


2009.11.7 ... Newport Beach CA ... Presented "Busting Asset Protection Schemes" at the Annual Meeting of the California Association of Judgment Professionals


2007.10.6 ... Irvine, CA ... Presented "Busting Asset Protection Schemes" at the annual conference of the California Association of Judgment Professionals


2007.5.15 ... Columbia, SC ... Presented "Busting Asset Protection Schemes" at the U.S. Attorneys' Office of Legal Education's Criminal Asset Recovery Summit


2005.9.23 ... Long Beach ... Keynote speaker for the Annual Meeting of the California Association of Judgment Professionals




2021.10.31 ... Why So Few Rich Americans In The Pandora Papers?

2021.10.30 ... Ninth Circuit Agrees That Damages Is Not An Element Of A Fraudulent Transfer Case In Medina

2021.10.21 ... Residence Underwater Due To Liens Not An Asset That Could Be Fraudulently Transferred In Tootian

2021.10.16 ... Understanding Ipso Facto Clauses In Asset Protection Planning

2021.09.30 ... Charging Order Interstate Jurisdictional Issues In Oberg

2021.09.28 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Construction And Uniformity

2021.09.20 ... Statutory Authority For Charging Order Against Professional Association Addressed In Berns Custom Homes

2021.09.13 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Costs, Attorney's Fees And Litigation Expenses

2021.08.30 ... Charging Order Jurisdictional Issues In O’Neal

2021.08.25 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Appeal

2021.08.18 ... The Complex Trust Is Simply The Criminal Tax Evasion Device Known As The Pure Trust Repackaged

2021.08.09 ... The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Analysis And Dismissal


Past Articles






  • Captive Insurance - Licensed insurance companies formed by the parent organization to handle the insurance and risk management needs of the business, by the author of the best-selling book on the topic: Adkisson's Captive Insurance Companies.


  • Asset Protection - The all-time best-selling book on asset protection planning by Jay Adkisson and Chris Riser.


  • Creditor-Debtor Law - An explanation of common creditor remedies, strategies and tactics to enforce a judgment, including a discussion of common debtor asset protection strategies.


  • Voidable Transactions - Discussion of the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act (a/k/a 2014 Revision of the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act) and fraudulent transfer law in general.


  • Private Retirement Plans - An exploration of a unique creditor exemption allowed under California law which can be very beneficial but is often misused.


  • Charging Orders - The confusing remedy against a debtor's interest in an LLC or partnership is explained in reference to the Uniform Partnership Act, the Uniform Limited Partnership Act, and the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.


  • Protected Series - An examination of the single most complex statutory legal structure yet created, with particular reference to the Uniform Protected Series Act of 2017.


  • California Enforcement of Judgments Law - Considers the topic of judgment enforcement in California, including the California Enforcement of Judgments Law and other laws related to California creditor-debtor issues.


  • Anti-SLAPP Laws - A collection of and commentary about Anti-SLAPP laws and significant court decisions on the subject within the United States.


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